Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seruling Di Lembah Sunyi.... As I recall

This Seiring bersama alunan bunyi
seruling di lembah sunyi
Disana ku duduk seorang diri
mengenang di malam hari
Terkenang ku akan seorang kasihku
yang tlah pergi entah kemana
Oh angin sampaikanlah salamku
ku nanti dilembah sunyi
Seindah alunan seruling senja
begitu cintaku padanya
is the first full song I learned to sing with my music teacher (pardon me, I forgot his name, and I am trying hard to recall). Until now, I still remember the lyrics, the music, the pitch, the tone and how to sing it in proper way....that was the time how we used to learn in schools.

To my former music teacher, thanks a lot. For a boy like me, who has no musical background and do not know how to read notes, your teaching had helped me a lot, and that was how I learned to appreciate music in totality.

3 Dec 2013